When importing data from classic USPS into USPS-R there are three levels of messages that can be written to the log file.

  1. ERROR
    1. An error level condition indicates that the record in question was not imported into USPS-R. These should be reviewed by the hosting entity (ITC) and the school whose data is being imported. It is up to the discretion of the data owner whether the error warrants correction in the source system and another extract and import to be performed. Many times error conditions may be flagged due to invalid or obsolete data in classic USPS. If this is proved to be the case excluding this data on import is not necessarily
    1. A waning level condition indicates that we discovered a piece of data in the extracts that is either suspect or considered invalid. Most of the time the record containing the invalid data will still be imported, but it is possible we replaced a piece of invalid data during the import. The message will indicate if data was replaced or if the record was ignored and the user can decide if further action is warranted. 
  3. INFO
    1. An info level message is simply informational and typically should not require any further action on the part of the user.

Below is a list of the more common error and warning level messages you may see in the import logs. This is not an exhaustive list of all possible messages, but addresses the most common ones, gives an explanation of what they mean and gives the user additional context on how to determine if further action is required.


No Payroll Item Configuration found for deduction code: XXX for pay check number: XXXXXX

CheckHistoryImportImpl: headers: No SSN found for payroll payment: paycheck number: XXXXXX, job number: XX, pay date

FuturePayAmountImportImpl: Invalid PAY_COUNTER  for employee number (XXXXXXXXX) with job number (XX), pay_counter (???)

PayrollItemConfigImportImpl:payrollitem: Line XX: MED/FICA type not found for deduction code 69X


PayrollItemConfigImportImpl: payrollitem: The vendor number () for the PayrollItemConfiguration being imported (code: XXX, type: ) does not match the Payee PayrollItemConfigurationType ([]) or the 'Pay To' information.  Creating a new Payee for the PayrollItemConfiguration.

PositionImportImpl: position: Pay Per Period () entered does not equal Pay Per Period calculated based upon contract values () for employee:

PositionImportImpl: position2: Calendar Start Date is after Calendar Stop Date. Calendar Start Date will not be imported

CheckHistoryImportImpl: headers: Non reconciled or voided type () has a reconciled_voided_date, pay_check_number: XXXXXX.

DeductionHistoryImportImpl: Direct  Deposit deduction type '17' applied to payroll check 99999 for employee XXXXXXXXX - deduction ignored

Check nnnnnn is not a payroll payment - deduction nnn details were not imported.


JobCalendarImportImpl:jobcalendar: Line 2: Job calendar with no type or date found. Calendar not imported.

DirectDepositDistribution.rateValid: Rate must be greater than 0 (Value: 'false')

No payment found for check/transaction number: XXXXXX