Payroll Item Refund - Employee

Payroll Item Refund is used to process a refund of a Payroll Item for an employee. For example, a Payroll Item Refund would be necessary if an employee had an insurance deduction withheld for $80.00 and it should not have been deducted. The Payroll Item Refund allows you to reimburse the total amount or a portion to the employee and reduce the amount sent to the deduction company.

To refund an employee who is no longer being paid or a refund needs to be processed before the next regular payroll is ran the following process will need to be performed:

Go to Core/Payroll Items 

On the Payroll Item screen you will click the under the Error Adjustment field

Process a Payroll Item Refund

To process a refund go to Processing/Payroll Item Refund

Click on 'View'  to view the Payroll Item to be refunded or 'Edit'   to update the refund record.

Select the employee to be refunded by enter a in the check box:

Then click on OR

To refund all employees, click on the checkbox under Unpaid Error Adjustments. All records will be selected:

   Then click on

To create the file for check printing:

Example of an .XML Check Payment:

Example of a PDF Check Payment:

This refund amount will then show in Processing/Processing Outstanding Payables/Payables by Item Detail to adjust the Payroll Item payable:


Under Core, an Adjustment journal entry will be created for this refund:

Create ACH Electronic Payment for Refund of Payroll Item

Select Employee and click on 

 To create the file for an ACH Electronic Payment:

Example of  an ACH Payment:

Process Refund during regular payroll

Processing  a refund of a deduction during a regular payroll: 

On the Payroll Item screen you will click the under the Error Adjustment field

Payroll Item Refund - Employer

If employee is being paid in the regular payroll, then the Employer refund portion can be included on the Employer Error Adjustment field in the Payroll Item.  If the employee is NO longer being paid, then you would use the Processing/Process Outstanding Payables/Payables Adjustments option.  

Payables by Item Detail example for Employer Amount: