Viewing Emis Screen Information

To view EMIS related information for an employee, click EMIS Entry Screen on the sidebar menu. The EMIS entry screen will appear already populated with data that was previously entered on the employee's biographical and position screens. If contractor records have been entered for the employee, these will also display. By default, the sections of EMIS entry screen are collapsed (see sample below).

Example 8.1. EMIS Entry Screen collapsed

To expand all of the sections simultaneously, click the Expand All button within the EMIS Entry Screen box at the top of the screen (see sample below). To expand/collapse one section at a time, click the (plus) /(minus) sign preceding the Section heading names (Staff Demographic, Staff Employment, or Contractor (CJ)).

Example 8.2. EMIS Entry Screen expanded

Modifying EMIS data

To modify an employee's EMIS information from the EMIS Entry screen, click the Modify button located in the box labeled EMIS Entry Screen which is displayed at the top of the screen. The EMIS Entry screen will appear with fields that are now modifiable (See sample below). Once the desired changes have been made, click Accept to save the changes. To exit modify mode without saving any changes, clicK Cancel and the information will return to its previous state.

Example 8.3. EMIS Entry Modify Screen

Adding Contractor (CJ) records

To Add a Contractor (CJ) record, click the Add New CJ Record button located in the box labeled Contractor (CJ) which is displayed at the bottom of the screen. A screen to enter the new contractor data will appear. Once the contractor data has been entered, click the Accept button to add the contractor record. Click Cancel to return to the EMIS Entry screen without adding the new contractor record.

Example 8.4. EMIS Contractor (CJ) Add

Deleting a Contractor (CJ) record

To delete a contractor record, click the  icon at the bottom of the contractor record to be deleted. A pop-up box will appear asking to verify that the record should be deleted. Click "Ok" within the pop-up box to complete the deletion of the record.

Example 8.5. EMIS Contractor (CJ) Delete

Specific Race Entry Guidelines

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