Querying Employees

The employee query allows searching by employee indentification number , social security number , last name, or a combination of first and last name. Once the results have been displayed you can select an employee by clicking their id, social security number, or last name. You can also sort the search results returned by clicking one of the red up or down arrows next to the field name in the search results header bar. Clicking the down arrow will cause all results to be sorted in ascending order based on values in the column that the arrow corresponds to. Clicking the up arrow will cause all results to be sorted in descending order based on values in the column that the arrow corresponds to. An employee must be selected using the query before performing almost all other tasks in the application. The example below shows the results of a sample last name search.

Example 2.1. Employee Query

Example 2.2. Employee Query Autocompletion Feature

Modifying An Employee

Example 2.3. Employee Modify Screen

Adding An Employee

To add an employee from the employee details screen click the add button in the command bar with the title of "Employee Details". There is one at the top and bottom of the screen. Both buttons perform the same function and will bring you to the add screen. When adding an employee all fields marked with a red dot are required and values must be entered for these fields. To save the employee click the accept button. If you wish to exit without saving the employee click the cancel button. The example below shows what an employee add screen will look like.

Example 2.4. Employee Add Screen

Concealing An Employee

To conceal an employee from the employee detail screen, click on the "Conceal" button located in the box labeled "Employee Details" which is displayed at the top and the bottom of the employee detail screen. Both buttons perform the same function so it is only necessary to click one button. Upon clicking the button, a pop-up box will appear asking to verify that the record should be concealed. Click "Ok" within the pop-up box to complete the concealment of the record.

Expanding/Collapsing Employee Fields

The employee detail, modify, and add screens have the ability to limit the fields displayed on the screen. Within these screens, there are  and  icons which give the ability to display or hide sections. Clicking a  icon will display the fields while clicking a  icon will hide the fields. There are also "Expand All" and "Collapse All" buttons within the box labeled "Employee Details" that will display or hide all expandable/collapsable sections at once with one click. Below is a sample of the employee edit screen with some sections displayed and others hidden.

Example 2.5. Example of Expandable/Collapsable Employee Sections

Specific Race Entry Guidelines

Ethnicity Flag