A credit is created when a payment has been made for more than the billing amount.  The user has the ability:

The customer of the overpayment and the customer of the credit billing must be the same.  

Refund Credit

  1. From the Accounts Receivable menu, select Credit
    1. From the grid, if I have multiple refunds to issue to the same customer, check the credits you want and click on  to create a refund check.
    2. You can also click on  to issue a refund check for a single credit.  The credit refund window will display.
      1. Enter Date
      2. Select Revenue Account
      3. The create check option is checked by default and the vendor is automatically filled in with the vendor customer associated with the credit. 

        Refund checks can only be issued for Vendor Customers.  If the refund is associated with an AR customer, a USAS-R Vendor must be created prior to issuing a refund (disbursement) check against it. 

      4. Click on  to create the disbursement.  To print a refund check, please refer to the Disbursements chapter, 'Generate a Print File' section, to assign a check number and print the check.