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  • Demos of Completed Work
  • Technical

  • Support Staff issues

  • Discussion Items
  • Identify and estimate work for this Sprint



  • Bamboo Multi-Agent Status update
    • Servers have 8 cores but running 10 instances but a lot of memory; Robin suspects we need to increase the # of cores
      • Update - I (Catherine) been researching this (as I did before I created the multiple agents) and bamboo documentation does not show any correlation between number of agents and cores.  With our configuration, based on listed requirements, 8 cores should be enough.  HOWEVER, I'm not sure these requirements take into consideration the fact the builds are creating docker containers. There is a way to limit the CPU's per container, but  not with the version of the docker-compose files redesign uses.
        • To test performance of number of agents vs  number of cores, I have disabled two agents on each server so there are 8 agents and 8 cores on each server.
  • Qa-1 database?

Support Staff Issues

  • FISCSUP-2271 - Getting issue details... STATUS  isNull() filter only works with text and date field. District wanting to use for numbers - ex. Check # field.
    • Need to use checknumber = zero, the value is not null it’s zero, but we are making it show as blank if it’s 0.
  • FISCSUP-2281 - Getting issue details... STATUS  reports that there is a delay when navigating to the Disbursement Grid 20-50 seconds.
    • Let's get a backup of the database to profile.
  • FISCSUP-2273 - Getting issue details... STATUS  treasurer couldn't log into application.. getting severe error.  ITC found the issue.. USPS json file was accidentally imported into USAS.  Once they removed the definition, she could log in.   Should there be a way to prevent a report from USPS to be loaded into USAS?
  • FISCSUP-2219 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - is it possible for LDAP to work with password reset link in apps?
  • FISCSUP-2304 - Getting issue details... STATUS  users want to search for vendor names without entering it exactly.
    • User needs to utilize the additional vendor names in the location fields.  We can't search for OEDSA if the vendor name is O E D S A.
  • FISCSUP-2322 - Getting issue details... STATUS FISCSUP-2316 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Popup search for account code on transactions is giving Severe error on all transaction pages that contain the search option (magnifying glass icon). Error message recreated and attached to FISCSUP-2322.
  • FISCSUP-2317 - Getting issue details... STATUS  delay in generating Financial detail with July 1 Bal after installing latest release
    • HCC/Deerpark
    • Request backup for testing purpose
    • Profile district data with exploded chart of accounts to see where we can speed things up
    • USASR-3935 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Retrospective 8/20/19

  • Retrospective
    • (Kyle) Helpful Restrospective Talking Points:

      Principles of The Agile Manefesto (Examine These and Discuss):

      Questions, Asked As "Since The Last Sprint":
      1. What did we learn? Some of us are still learning; did we learn anything new about code, the system or a process?
      2. Did we manage risk or failure? Did we implement any protective measures to gaurd against future risk or failure? Did we miss anything that should have been in place and still needs discussed?
      3. Did we minimize waste? Did we minimize waste in writing good/understandable code or generally involved time being productive?
      4. Were we focused on producing good code and working as a team to reach our goals?
      5. Team mental health. Were we supportive, respectful and helpful to one another?

    • (Jason)

Discussion Items

  • USASR-3916 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • USASR-3919 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • USASR-3914 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • UAT
    • When modifying a report definition the description & tags are lost.
    • Wants easier way to look up cron expression when running reports.  Currently have to go to documentation and click on the link to generate the expression and copy and paste it back into the schedule report popup.
    • USASRFB-105 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • (Kyle)  USASR-3882 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Implementing LazyTabSheet does not give us the ability to add labels above the grids due to AccountView no longer extending VerticalLayout (it now extends LazyTabSheet).  The implementation of LazyTabSheet is the same as all of USPS' tab views which do not have labels above the grids (the name of the tab is all).  I am not sure there is a performance benefit in implementing LazyTabSheet but I feel like we could benefit from any improvement that Vaadin may enhance the LazyTabSheet functionality (this could already be the case in released versions that we have not yet upgraded to).  If the user is not quite sure which tab they are on because there is only an underline of the selected tab, maybe we could manipulate the CSS for the tab to color the entire tab to make it more clear instead of using labels.
    • Evaluate usefulness of AccountSummaryService/AccountSummaryCalculators
    • Can we cache method values (maybe based on UUID for specific accounts)?  When we call getCurrentFundBalance in the UI it recalculates three of the previously calculated values (getInitialCash, getFYTDReceived and getFYTDExpended).  If we could cache these values we could evict them from the cache on save/update.  This may improve performance or it may not be feasible due to the varying underlying objects (ExpenditureLedger, RevenueLedger, etc.).
  • Hibernate @Formula experimentation 

Meeting Notes

USASR-3882 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Evaluate the usefulness of AccountSummaryService/AccountSummaryCalculators
    • we need to query the ledgers or account summary service - one or the other not both
  • Cache method values
    • created to get all three amounts at once instead of doing three separate calls   USASR-3931 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

USASR-3916 - Getting issue details... STATUS  look at filter and if acct matches check the threshold amount

  • Districts will have to manually add items to inventory if the flag wasn’t set correctly
  • Code needs to do this in UI, not prepareSave/Update

USASR-3914 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UAT issues

  • USASR-3936 - Getting issue details... STATUS   Template report tags and descriptions lost
  • USASRFB-105 - Getting issue details... STATUS   Cron expressions
    • Api/library to build a cron from a java date/time field
    • Embed a web page in a popup to use the existing creator

USASR-3940 - Getting issue details... STATUS   Hibernate @Formula experimentation

  • Think this will solve some of the “can’t put this in grid” problems
  • Does cause performance problem when re-hydrating?
  • Might be worth experimenting; creates column in db and can query that column

Supplemental contracts to replace 120s:  In order to complete additional features outside regular work hours, developers will need to draft a proposal for the work to be done with fairly detailed estimates for work completion.  The proposal needs to include a due date that will need to be met.  A sample proposal will be emailed to staff.  Anyone wanting to work this additional time will need to submit the proposal to their supervisor so the appropriate approval can be obtained before work can begin.




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