Starting 01/01/2020, all SSDT recorded webinars will be available on the new ITC Training and Registration page on the wiki.  Any recorded webinars prior to 01/01/2020 are available below. 

Listed below are recordings from SSDT's 'Fridays with Fiscal' Redesign webinars as well as other SSDT training webinars held with ITC Fiscal Support staff.  To register for a webinar, please click here.  NOTE: You must be an ITC Fiscal Support staff member to attend these webinars.  SSDT reserves the right to change the webinar subject for any scheduled webinars that have not taken place yet.

DateSubjectRecording LinkWebinar Length (h:m:s)
Friday, 12/13/19USXS-R: Review Major Highlights from prior releases (covering both USAS & USPS so may be an extended session)

SSDT YouTube 12/13/19

Friday, 12/6/19USXS-R: Report Bundles that are replacing MONTHLYCD & PAYROLLCDSSDT YouTube 12/06/1900:40:43
Friday, 11/15/19Redesign CYE Review: Click here for ITC Redesign Meeting pageSSDT YouTube 11/15/1903:06:07
Friday, 11/08/19Classic CYE Review: Click here for ITC Classic CYE Meeting pageSSDT YouTube 11/08/1902:15:18
Friday, 11/01/19Overview of JIRA: Click here for presentation materialsSSDT YouTube 11/01/1900:48:08
Friday, 10/18/19USPS-R: Mass Change DefinitionsSSDT YouTube 10/18/1900:56:10
Friday, 10/11/19USAS-R: Five Year Forecast/Spending Plan and ReportsSSDT YouTube 10/11/1900:50:19
Friday, 9/20/19USPS-R: Reports Usage00:29:18
Friday, 9/06/19USAS-R: Reports UsageSSDT YouTube 09/06/1901:01:20
Friday, 8/16/19USPS-R: Review Major Highlights from prior releases00:38:00
Friday, 8/09/19USAS-R: Review Major Highlights from Releases 7.18, 7.19, 7.20 & 7.21SSDT YouTube 08/09/1900:52:30
Friday, 8/02/19USAS-R: Balancing/Carryover Reconciliation ReportSSDT YouTube 08/02/1902:04:00
Friday, 5/24/19Redesign FYE ReviewSSDT YouTube 05/24/1902:31:16
Friday, 5/17/19Classic FYE ReviewSSDT YouTube 05/17/1902:08:09

Redesign USAS-R Training for ITC fiscal support staff only

  • 5/14/19: Core and Transaction Menus
  • 5/15/19: Budgeting, Periodic and Extract Menus
  • 5/16/19: Reports, System, and Utilities Menus





Redesign USPS-R Training for ITC fiscal support staff only

  • 5/7/19: Core Menu
  • 5/8/19: Payroll Processing
  • 5/9/19: System, Utilities, and Reports Menus

SSDT YouTube 05/07/19


Friday, 4/12/19USPS-R: Review Major Highlights on prior releasesSSDT YouTube 04/12/1900:31:14
Friday, 4/05/19USAS-R: Redesign Budgeting StepsSSDT YouTube 04/05/1901:03:00
Friday, 3/22/19USAS-R: Review Major Highlights on Releases 7.15, 7.16 & 7.17SSDT YouTube 03/22/1901:30:00
Friday, 12/14/18USAS-R: Setting up Classic FISCWEB in the RedesignSSDT YouTube 12/14/1800:59:38
Wed, 12/05/18Redesign CYE ReviewSSDT YouTube 12/05/1802:08:37
Friday, 11/16/18Classic CYE ReviewSSDT YouTube 11/16/1802:08:22
Friday, 10/26/18USXS-R: Reports WebinarSSDT YouTube 10/26/1802:27:28
Friday, 08/31/18USPS-R: Mass Load and Mass Change Options

Fridays With Fiscal 08/31/2018

Friday, 08/24/18SSDT Service Desk System for the RedesignFridays with Fiscal 08/24/1800:46:00
Friday, 08/17/18USPS-R: Custom Report CreationFridays with Fiscal 08/17/1800:32:02
Friday, 08/03/18USPS-R: Upcoming School Year ProcessesFridays with Fiscal 08/03/1800:23:20
Friday, 07/27/18USAS-R: Automatic Reconciliation and Positive PayFridays with Fiscal 07/27/1800:23:25
Friday, 07/13/18USAS-R: Pre & Post Import Items USAS-RFridays with Fiscal 07/13/1800:46:23
Friday, 07/06/18USPS-R: Pre-Import Items USPS-RFridays with Fiscal 07/06/1800:15:10
Friday, 06/29/18USAS-R: USACERT programs in the RedesignFridays with Fiscal 06/29/1800:33:04
Friday, 05/25/18USXS-R: BRDDIS processingFridays with Fiscal 05/25/1800:30:53
Friday, 05/18/18USAS-R: Five Year ForecastFridays with Fiscal 05/18/1800:32:30
Friday, 04/27/18USPS-R: How dates work in Redesign vs. ClassicFridays with Fiscal-04/27/1800:23:00
Friday, 04/13/18USPS-R: ODJFS New Hire, ODJFS Report, W2 Report and Submission OptionsFridays with Fiscal-04/13/1800:16:00
Friday, 04/06/18USAS-R: Activity Ledger Query and Generating Reports from itFridays with Fiscal 04/06/1800:43:14
Friday, 03/23/18USPS-R: SERS/STRS New Hire, SERS/STRS Per Pay, STRSMONTHFridays with Fiscal 03/23/1800:21:00
Friday, 03/16/18USXS-R: Updates from the latest Production releaseFridays with Fiscal 03/16/1800:53:11
Friday, 03/09/18USAS-R: Users, Roles and Account Filters01:01.00
Friday, 02/23/18USPS-R: Payments-Payee/PayrollFridays with Fiscal 02/23/1800:44.00
Friday, 02/09/18USPS-R: Check register and Automatic Payment Reconciliation ConfigurationFridays with Fiscal 02/09/1800:37.49
Friday, 02/02/18USAS-R: Posting Pending Transactions; Disbursement Options; Auto Reconciliation Setup00:54:08
Friday, 01/26/18USPS-R: Report option on the gridsFridays with Fiscal 01/26/1800.33.06
Friday, 01/19/18USAS-R: Grid options including MORE; Advanced Query; Filter Row Shortcuts, sorting columns, resequencing columnsFridays with Fiscal 01/19/181:01:57
Friday, 01/12/18USPS-R: Benefit Update and Projection and Payroll Item RefundFridays with Fiscal 01/12/1800.33:07
Friday, 01/05/18No Demo planned: Discuss Implementation Plan; Production Release schedule; Train-the-Trainer Sessions; Current DocumentationFridays with Fiscal 01/05/1800:21:15
Friday, 12/01/17USAS-R Topics: USAS Template Reports00:53:58
Friday, 11/17/17USPS-R: Payroll Processing and Associated ReportsFridays with Fiscal 11/17/1700:47:32
Friday, 11/10/17USAS-R: Transaction topics: Distributions/Error Corrections, Transfers/Advances, Activity Ledger Query and the Posting Periods option under the Core menu.00:59:05
Friday, 11/03/17USPS-R: Core topics: Compensation, EMIS Entry,Adjustments, Date Codes, Payee, Payroll Item Configuration and Posting Periods00:56:21
Friday, 06/30/17USXS-R: Report Manager, Template and Canned Reports01:12:48
Friday, 06/23/17USAS-R: Payables, Disbursements, Receipts and Refunds01:16:14
Friday, 06/16/17USPS-R: Attendance Import, Mass Load and New Contract.00:52:33

Friday, 06/02/17

USAS-R: Requisitions, Mass Converting Reqs, Delivery Addresses, Purchase Orders & Invoicing00:58:44
Friday, 05/19/17USPS-R: Job Calendars, ACH options, Bank accounts, Pay Groups and Organization Module 01:17:36
Friday, 05/12/17USAS-R: Vendors, Accounts & Users00:51:46
Friday, 05/05/17USPS-R: How to Add a New Employee00:45:50
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