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With the release of version 2.3-0, there will no longer be two Grade Schedule options from the main menu.  There will simply be "Grade Schedule (DL)" which is the current format (FY15+) of the DL data.


The DL record format has changed for FY15 reporting. The first FY15 reporting period, 15C, will be taking place concurrently with FY14N reporting. DL records are reported during both reporting periods. To accommodate the change in format between the two fiscal years, and allow the records to be reported during the same time frame, EMISFFE has been updated to include two DL record options.

EMISFFE Handling

From the main EMISFFE menu you will see the following:

The first option, "Grade Schedule (DL)" should be used for the FY14 format. The second option you will notice includes "FY15", use this option for FY15 formatted records.


The Export option will extract the appropriate records based upon the Fiscal Year selected from the Export options page.


If importing a file which contains DL records, you will see a new prompt asking which Fiscal Year the records are being imported for. The Fiscal year prompt in the Import applies ONLY to the DL records, regardless of what other record types may be included in the import file. The fiscal year prompt will not be seen in the Import if there are no DL records detected in the file being imported.

 Possible issues

  • User Imports a FY2015 formatted DL record with Fiscal Year set to 2014
    The file will import WITHOUT generating any errors.  
    Upon completion, DL records will NOT appear in the Grade Schedule FY15 screen, they will be in the Grade Schedule screen (FY14).
    The last two decimal positions of Hours Per Day will be reflected in the Annual Hours in Session.

    User will want to remove/delete the invalid DL records from the FY14 Grade Schedule data in EMISFFE.  The user may re-run the Import using the original import file, selecting the appropriate FY.

  • User Imports a FY2014 formatted DL record with Fiscal Year set to 2015
    DL records will import WITHOUT generating any errors.
    Upon completion, the newly imported records will be found in the Grade Schedule FY15 screen.
    The first 2 digits of Annual Hours in Session (FY14 format) will be placed into the last 2 digits of Hours Per Day (FY15 format).  The remainder of the Annual Hours in session field along with Annual days in session will be ignored.

    The invalid records should be deleted from the Grade Schedule FY15 data. The user may re-run the Import using their original import file and selecting the appropriate FY.


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