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Requisition and Employee Onboarding Workflows are Live!

The beta period for both of these major enhancements concluded September 24th with the release of SSDT Workflows version 1.0! The SSDT recently presented an overview of both workflow systems to ITC fiscal support staff which was recorded for reference purposes.  The USAS-R documentation has been updated to include a section on the Workflows Menu as well as a step-by-step requisition workflows procedure on setting up and utilizing Workflows for a district.  The USPS-R documentation has been updated as well detailing the Employee Onboarding process.

There are some differences in the installation and configuration of the workflows system when compared to USXS-R.  We have provided a Workflows Installation Guide to ITCs stepping them through the processes necessary to install and configure workflows for both USAS-R and USPS-R.  Please contact your ITC for further information on requisition workflows and/or employee onboarding. 

We also want to give a special thanks to those who participated in the Requisition Approval User focus group.  Their insight and feedback helped to steer us in the right direction in helping to streamline the requisition approval process.  Workflows will continue to be actively developed with multiple new workflows already being discussed with the State Software Steering Committee prioritization group.  As always, we look forward to and appreciate feedback from our users! 

New USAS-R Canned Reports

Have you noticed the Reports menu growing in USAS-R? Several new canned reports have recently been added!

Why? Reports that were previously available in the Reports Manager as template reports have been recreated as a canned version and added to this menu to greatly improve performance. Report performance has increased by up to 99.98% with the change! The Audit Report has also been upgraded to allow more sort and filter options for narrowing down results as well as a new look to help make it easier to read.

Financial Detail

99.98% faster

Purchase Order Detail95% faster

Budget Summary

68% faster
Distribution Detail91% faster
Audit ReportNew version with visual improvements and additional sort options

Report Options for the canned reports include similar options to what could be found on the Report Generate window of the template reports. Users have the ability still to narrow down funds by entering an account code parameter or using pre-defined Account Filters. The option to dynamically change sort options, control break, and page break options are also available. The Save and Recall function has been included for these reports to make it easy to save different sort and filter combinations for use later.
The new Audit Report now allows selection of specific operations, objects, or users when generating the report. 

  • Select Operation(s): Include a trail of events specifically when a new record is created in USAS-R, when information us updated on an existing record, or a record is deleted.
  • Select Specific Objects: Include a trail of events specific to certain areas of the software. This is where events can be narrowed down to only include records related to certain transaction types. For example, moving the PurchaseOrder object over to the selected section will result in a report that includes records that are related to any records that have been created, modified, or deleted on the Transactions > Purchase Orders grid.
  • Select Specific Users: Include events specific to selected users. If one or more users are moved to the selected section, records included in the report will only show if they were created, updated, or deleted by those users. If no users are selected, activity will be included for all users.

Example Audit Report:

What about the old reports? For the time being, the previous SSDT Template report versions of these reports and any customized report definitions created from related reporting objects will continue to be available in USAS-R in the Report Manager.

Useful links:

Did You Know?

Position screen- Retirement Code Error

When creating a Position record for an employee, if the Retirement Code field is not populated with a SERS or STRS distinction and the field is left blank or set to none, a warning error will be produced in the upper left corner of the screen when the record is saved.



Sites Live on Redesign


Total Wave 8 Sites


Participating ITCs


Total Districts Participating

Please view the Current List of Districts & Status to see a comprehensive list of school districts along with their ITC, implementation status and the wave they are scheduled to migrate from Classic to Redesign.

The following terminology is used to determine where in the implementation process the entity is currently at:

  • Implementing: The ITC is running test imports and balancing reports on the entity.  The district and ITC are working to schedule dates to begin dual processing and go live.

  • Paralleling: The entity is inputting all production transactions into both Classic and Redesign.

  • Live: The entity is using Redesign for production processing; no parallel processing is being performed;  Classic is available in 'read-only' mode.

Employment Opportunities

The Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN) is seeking innovative and enthusiastic individuals to join the SSDT!  For more information about current openings, click here.

Did You Know?

Streamlining the Receipt Process

Are your building secretaries sending you paper Receipt records which then requires another staff member to enter this information?   Save time and streamline your process by sharing this template spreadsheet with your building secretaries to fill out instead!  Not all fields on the template spreadsheet are required so you can customize the spreadsheet while leaving the required fields included.  Please refer to the Receipt Import Criteria.    This allows the building secretary to email the completed csv spreadsheet to the treasurer's office where it can be reviewed.  The treasurer's department can then choose the file to import into USAS-R and by clicking the Import button found on the Receipt grid, the process of posting your receipts is complete.   

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