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The distribution/error corrections allows the user to re-distribute expenditures if the expenditures are charged to more accounts than the purchase order was originally issued for or to correct an error in a previous expense. 

Create Distributions/Error Corrections

  1. From the Transaction menu select 'Distributions/Error Corrections'
  2. Click on
    1. Enter in the required information

      Total Distributed: displays the total amount distributed.  For example, if I re-distributed $100 from the 001-2740-423-0000-000000-001-00-000 to the 001-2740-423-0000-000000-002-00-000, the total distributed amount would be $100.

      Total Items: displays the total items' amount.  In my example above, if I re-distributed $100 from one account to another, the net amount would be $0 which is what would appear on the Total Items field.

      Legacy Fields:  Classic's ACTMOD Expense/Supplies Distribution transactions imported in the Redesign will create a Distribution/Error Correction transaction displaying the Legacy Check Number, Legacy Purchase Order Number and Legacy Receipt Number.  The actual transactions (the Legacy Check Number, PO Number and Receipt Number) are not imported.

    2. Click on to add line items
  3. Click on   to post the distribution/error correction, click on to not post the transaction and return to the grid.

Search/View Distributions/Error Corrections

Distributions/Error Corrections grid allows the user to search for any existing distributions/error corrections by clicking in the filter row in the grid columns and entering in the desired information. Click on any row of the search results to see a summary view of the record. Click on beside a distribution/error correction to see the full details.   The Advanced Search can be utilized by clicking on the  in the upper right side of the grid.

Edit Distributions/Error Corrections

Distributions/Error Corrections from an open posting period may be modified. Only fields that are allowed to be edited will be displayed.

  1. Search desired distribution/error correction  on grid
  2. Click on to edit the transaction
    1. Make desired changes
  3. Click on  to save desired changes, click on Cancel to not post the changes and return to the grid.

Print Distributions/Error Corrections

Click on  on the grid to generate a copy of a posted Distribution/Error Correction in PDF format. 

More Information

By default the system will not allow budget and revenue corrections in the same transaction.  For example you can't increase an expenditure account and decrease a revenue account (or vice versa). They must be the same type of account (expenditure or revenue).  Also the amount reduced and the amount increased must equal to each other and balance to zero. The default rule affecting these behaviors is. org.ssdt_ohio.usas.model.distribution.DistributionRules.  This is a mandatory rule.

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