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Report Bundles

Amanda article... Feature article for the newsletter.. need to discuss how the MONTHLYCD/PAYROLLCD report bundles work as well as custom report bundles

W2 Reporting

In USPS-R you have the capability to create a W2 Report for verification of data as well as the creation of an XML file that will be used by your ITC for the printing of W2’s.  The system also allows for the creation of the W2Tape file which is used for submission of your calendar year end 2019 data to the SSA. You can also create W2 tape files for CCA , RITA and special City reporting. New this year any district that files 10 or more W2 forms with the State of Pennsylvania are now required to file those forms electronically. The USPS-R system now offers the option to create a Pennsylvania submission tape file and transmittal csv file that can be uploaded through eTIDES.

W2 Report-

To create a W2 Report go to Reports/W2 Report and Submission. Click on the Report button.  If you wish to include specific payroll items for Box 14 reporting on the W2 you may enter the code(s) in the  box, click on the Payroll Item and then click “Add.”

*Note- Leased Vehicle information is always included as the first option in Box 14  (if applicable)  and then other selected payroll items will follow.  Only the first 3 payroll items selected for each employee will be listed in the order they were selected on the setup screen.

  • W2 Report can be processed as many times as necessary.

W2 XML file-

To create a W2 XML file for W2 printing, under Reports/W2 Report and Submission click on the XML button. If processing immediately after W2 Report the selected Payroll Items for Box 14 will be displayed in the order they were selected for the report. If not immediately after W2 Report then choose the specific Payroll Items you wish to appear in Box 14 on the W2. Click on the   button.

  • You will want to Save the W2 FORM DATA XML file to your desktop or a folder of your choosing.
  • You will then securely send the XML file to your ITC for printing.

W2 TAPE.SEQ, W2CCA.SEQ  and W2RITA.SEQ  tape files-

To create the W2 Submission file, W2 CCA Submission file, or W2 RITA Submission file, under Reports/W2 Report and Submission click on the Submission button.  Verify all populated district data is accurate. You must enter in a Contact Name, Contact Phone Number and Contact Email Address. Click on the appropriate   or   or   button.

 *Note- Each tape file you wish to create must be run separately.

  • Save the respective SEQ file to your desktop or a folder of your choosing.
  • You will securely send the W2TAPE.SEQ, W2 CCA.SEQ (if applicable) and W2RITA.SEQ (if applicable) file to your ITC for submission.

W2 Specific City Tape Files-

*Note- you and your ITC must be in agreement on which cities they submit files to.

To create city tape files, under Reports/W2 Report and Submission click on the W2 City Options tab.  Verify all populated district data is accurate. Enter in the Tax Entity Code of the city you are processing the tape file for. Click on the button.

  • Save the file to your desktop or folder of your choosing.
  • You will securely send the W2CITY_XXXX.SEQ file to your ITC for submission.
  • Repeat this process for each specific city that you wish to create a submission file for.

W2 Pennsylvania Submission file and Pennsylvania CSV Transmittal File-

To create the Pennsylvania W2 Submission file, under Reports/W2 Report and Submission click on the W2 State Options tab. Verify all populated district data is accurate. You must enter in a Contact Name, Contact Phone Number and Contact Email Address. Click on the   button.

  • Save the file W2PA.SEQ file to your desktop or folder of your choosing.

To create the Pennsylvania CSV Transmittal file click the button.

  • Save the W2PA_TRANS.CSV file to your desktop or a folder of your choosing.

*Note- When generating the Pennsylvania CSV Transmittal file during the first year of converting to USPSR, quarter amounts will need to be manually added to the generated file. A template file will be generated with placeholders to enter these values. Counts for 1099’s will also have to be manually entered in the file.

  • You will need to log into the eTIDES website and upload the W2PA.SEQ file and the W2PA_TRANS.CSV file for submission.

1099 Reporting 

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titleDid You Know?

Using Mass load to update City and OSDI rates for 2020

Mass Load can be used to easily update payroll item rates at anytime:

  • You can use Custom Report Creator and select Object ‘CityTaxItem’
  • ‘Select Properties’
    • Code (configuration.code (String))
    • Number (employee.number (String))
    • Rate
  • For ‘Configure Filters’, select Code, ‘Operation’ of Equals and ‘Filter Value’ of param(“code”)
  • Select Format of .CSV and enter the payroll Item code you wish to update
  • Click on ‘Generate Report’
  • Update the Rate percentage
  • Change the header columns
    • Number to employee.number
    • Code to configuration.code – Make sure to format code column- Exp: 003
    • Save .csv
  • Use Utilities/Mass Load and Choose File to upload
  • The ‘Importable Entities’ will be CityTaxItem
  • Click on Load
  • Repeat for OSDI Tax Rate changes but for ’Select Object’ choose OsdiTaxItem

titleDeceased Employees

USPS-R Deceased Employee Final Payment Processing

Listed below are some important facts pertaining to processing a final payment for a deceased employee:

Important Fact-

  • Wages that were constructively received by the employee while he or she was alive are reported on Form W-2 as any other regular wage payment, even if you may have to reissue the payment in the name of the estate or beneficiary.

Processing Facts-

  • If the payment was processed in the same calendar year the employee died, you must withhold social security and Medicare taxes on the payment and report the payment on the employee’s Form W-2 only as social security and Medicare wages to ensure proper social security and Medicare credit is received.
  • If the payment was made after the year of death, (example-employee died in 12/2019 and payment to estate is being processed in 1/2020) do not report it on Form W-2, and do not withhold social security and Medicare taxes.

Reporting of the payment-

  • Whether the payment is made in the year of death or after the year of death, you also must report it in Box 3 of Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income, for the payment to the estate or beneficiary. Use the name and taxpayer identification number (TIN) of the payment recipient on Form 1099-MISC.

Click the following link to the documentation that contains full details on how to process a payment for a Deceased Employee.



Sites Live on Redesign


Total Wave 4 Sites


Participating ITCs


Total Districts Participating

Please view the Current List of Districts & Status to see a comprehensive list of school districts along with their ITC, implementation status and the wave they are scheduled to migrate from Classic to Redesign.

The following terminology is used to determine where in the implementation process the entity is currently at:

  • Implementing: The ITC is running test imports and balancing reports on the entity.  The district and ITC are working to schedule dates to begin dual processing and go live.

  • Paralleling: The entity is inputting all production transactions into both Classic and Redesign.

  • Live: The entity is using Redesign for production processing; no parallel processing is being performed;  Classic is available in 'read-only' mode.

titleAuditor Information

Redesign video available for AOS/LGS/Independent Auditors

Our UAT group has recorded a training video for auditors.  It has been posted to the SSDT YouTube channel.   The video includes an overview of the grids and report features as well as tips and tricks to assist them in maneuvering around  the Redesign software.