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You are not permitted to change the Vendor if the purchase order has already been invoiced/paid. If the check has already been created, the check would need to be void with the option to void invoice items (or the invoice can be manually deleted after the check is void). The vendor Purchase Order can then be modified on the purchase order edited to modify the vendor and a new invoice and check would need to be created. (Note: The Posting Period for the PO date will need to be open in order to edit the Purchase Order.)

How can a Purchase Order that has been paid on be closed?


To search for the Total amount of all items on a receipt, the Receipt grid can be used. When filtering enter "=" before the amount to search for a specific amount. To locate a specific amount for a receipt line item, use the Activity ledger. Filter the grid for receipts by entering a Type of “Rec" and the amount.


How do I reverse/delete a refund?

To reverse a refund that also created a check, go to the disbursement grid to select the check to Void.  This will reverse the Refund, mark the Refund void, and reverse the transaction on the revenue account history.   To reverse a refund that did not create a check, you can delete the refund from the Refund grid using the delete icon.  The deletion of a refund with no check will not show on transaction reports.

How do I create a Refund check?

From the Refund Check section of the Refunds page: If the refund requires a check to be created you will check the 'create check' box.  When checked, it will activate the check fields. After the vendor number is entered it will automatically populate the 'Refunded To' field with the name of the vendor.  The Bank Account field will automatically populate the default bank account that will be associated with the disbursement. Either a physical check or electronic payment will be posted to the system depending on the default payment type of the vendor. You cannot assign a check number in Refund.  After the refund is posted, the refund check information will be available in Disbursements.  You can use the 'Generate Print File' option to assign a check number and generate a print file.