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  • When entering adjustments for the current fiscal year the header PA-XXXX should reflect the current fiscal year (ex. PA-2020 for fiscal year 2020) 
  • The amount entered in the PA-XXXX column should reflect the desired total Expendable amount. When the Proposed Amounts are applied as adjustments, USAS-R will calculate the difference between the Initial budget and the amount entered and post an adjustment for the difference.

When entering a transaction, why is a certain account not showing?

USAS-R will only show accounts available to use for transactions. If the account is inactive or if the transaction date does not fall within the Start/Stop dates entered on the Account then it will not show in the drop down when entering an account on the transaction. This includes Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Receipts, Distributions, Invoices, and Transfer/Advance transactions. When using an Expenditure Account the corresponding Appropriation and Cash Account must also be active and have valid Start/Stop dates. When using a Revenue Account the Cash Account must also be active and have valid Start/Stop dates.


How can users be restricted to only see certain Requisitions?