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  1. From the menu, select 'Report' and click on 'Report Bundles.'
  2. Click on 
    1. Report Bundle Name: Name of the Report Bundle that will show in the grid and on scheduled Report Bundles.
    2. Description: Option to add additional description detail that will show in grid by default
    3. Tags: Tags are user-defined words that mean something to the user to help categorize report definitions. For example, a tag could be 'YEAREND' or 'MONTHLY' reports.  Then they can use these tags for several other reports , enabling them to search for them easily in the Grid.

  3. To create a bundle of Reports, click on  or start typing the report name under Select the Report to Add to the Bundle.
    1. SSDT Template Reports and Custom Reports in the Reports manager are available to add to Report Bundles
    2. The following Canned Reports are also available to add to Report Bundles
      1. SSDT Amend Certificates Report
      2. SSDT Appropriations Resolution Report
      3. SSDT Certificate Available Balances Report
      4. SSDT Financial Summary By Fund

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  4. Once selected, this report will then show under Click + to Add this report with the desired Report Options to the Bundle. This grid will show one row for each of the saved parameters (created from the "Save and Recall" option) that exists for the chosen report. Use the  icon to select which version of the report to add to the Report Bundle.

  5. The report will show that it has been added to the 'Reports currently in the Bundle' box below.

  6. To add more reports to the bundle, select another report from the 'Select the Report to Add to the Bundle' option. Then click the  next to the report under 'Add this Report with the desired Report Options to the Bundle' box.  This report will then show with the others in 'Report currently in the Bundle' box.

  7. To modify the report parameters for reports included in the Report Bundle, click on the icon next to the report in the grid at the bottom of the pop up window.
  8. Update the report parameters as needed
    1. Click  to save the updated report parameters
    2. Click  to continue with the original report parameters
    3. Click to generate the report on demand with the entered parameters 

  9. Click on  to save the Report Bundle. 
  10. To Exit out of the report bundles selecting option, click on the x in the right had corner.
  11. After the Report Bundle has been created, it will show in the Report Bundle Manager grid.