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The listed SSDT report bundles will automatically generate reports to the Utilities/File Archive/Payroll Archive when certain actions trigger the events.  A list of Trigger Events can be found in File Archive#PayrollArchiveReportBundles

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Viewing a Report Bundle

By viewing a report bundle, you can see the detail of what event triggers the reports and exactly what reports are created from this bundle and sent to the Payroll Archive.  Click on  to view the specific Report Bundle:

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Disable Report Bundles


Only Group Manager and Administrators are able to Enable and Disable Payroll Archive Bundles

A district has an option to disable report bundles so the reports will not be sent to File Archive.  To disable a report bundle from going to File Archive, simply uncheck it:Image RemovedImage Added.

Report bundle is Enabled by having the box checked:

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Report bundle is Disabled and will not create reports to go to the Payroll Archive by unchecking the box:

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Download Report Bundle Definition

Allows you to download the report definition to your computer so it can be sent to others via email where they can then import it into the Report-Detail to be generated as well as save the report to show in their 'Report Manager' grid. 

  1. From the Report Menu select 'Report Bundle Manager'
  2. Click on Image Removed beside the desired report
  3. Save the report on your computer.  Enter a filename but leave the 'save as type' in .RPD-JSON format.
  4. Email it as an attachment.

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Payroll Archive

To view the reports, go to Utilities/File Archive/Payroll Archive. For more explanation, please go to File Archive#PayrollArchive