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The Report Bundle grid allows the user to search for existing report bundles. You can either enter in the Number or a few characters in any of the grid headings and all occurrences of that search will show up and then you can choose the item(s) you are wanting to view or edit.  Example - Report Bundle Name is one of my grid options. If I type in %Rep (% is use as a wildcard) in the Report Bundle Name field, all occurrences of any reports with Rep in the Report Bundle Name will appear. You can then click on the  next to the Payroll Item record you are searching for to view the data associated with the Report Bundle or click on the  to edit the record or  to delete the record.

Edit Report Bundles and Add more reports to your Report Bundle

  1. Select the Report Bundle to Edit
  2. Click on   next to the Report Bundle to be modified
  3. Here you can add reports to your report bundle by clicking on  
  4. or delete them by clicking on .
  5. Click on to save the changes made or select to not save changes.