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Once the spreadsheet is created, you may enter a prorate amount in Column B, which will automatically prorate the amount entered to all of the accounts included in the spreadsheet, automatically calculating the prorate percentage and prorated amount to be charged to each account.  You may edit the spreadsheet within the program or download it so it can be pulled into EXCEL.  The spreadsheet includes the accounts codes (based off of the account filter entered), account description, the expenditure amount (based off of the time period selected), and the prorate percentage and prorated amount based on the total prorate amount entered in Column B.   Accounts will be sorted in order by Full Account Code. Once the spreadsheet is complete, it can be used as a reference when creating your workers compensation requisition or purchase order. 

The account filter used with the Proration Utility cannot contain an apostrophe. For example, if the account filter name is "worker's comp" the user will receive an error.