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The program generates a report called Accrued Wage Obligation Report by Employee.

The program has the ability to optionally create spreadsheets. These spreadsheets can be used by any district, but may be particularly helpful to those districts on GAAP.

Wage Obligation By Employee calculation explanation

The contract obligation, amount paid, and amount earned Contract Obligation and Accrued Wages comes from CORE/COMPENSATION.  The amount docked is the amount docked + dock next pay amount from CORE/COMPENSATION.

The contract remaining = contract obligation - amount paid.

Accrued wages = (Days remaining * daily rate) + accrued wages from COMPENSATION.  The daily rate is from Compensation.  Days remaining is a little more complicated.  To get the days remaining the job calendars are read to determine how many work days (including holidays) remain from the period ending date of the last payroll until the date entered when Wage Obligation by Employee is ran (default is 6/30 of current fiscal year).

Contract Remaining = Contract Obligation - Amount Paid.

Field Definitions

  • The Format options are:
    • PDF (download)
    • Common Separated Values