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This guide describes the suggested steps for migrating customers from classic USAS to USAS-R. The article assumes that the district instance has already been configured as described in Production Release#SettingupaDistrictInstance

Step-by-step guide

  1. Review the information contained on the Pre Data Extract Procedures page.
  2. Export Classic data as described in the USAS Classic Export Process.
    1. Pay particular attention to the parameters that this procedure accepts, especially P5 (the fifth parameter).  This is necessary for exporting data for the Redesign.
  3. Import the extracted data into USAS-R as described in Import Classic Data into USxS Redesign.  This page also provides examples of common import errors.
  4. Review the resulting usasimport.log file for errors


    The end of the import log will have a binary status that will indicate whether the importer ran to completion. It will appear similar to the following example.

    districtname_usasimport_1 exited with code 0

    A code of 0 indicates the importer ran to completion whereas a code of 1 signifies the importer terminated with an unknown exception.

    Please note: A status of 0 does not mean there were no errors and the logs should still be reviewed. This status simply means the importer ran to completion. A status of 1 always indicates a failure. With a status of 1 the underlying cause will need to be determined and the import will need to be re-run after the issue is corrected.

    Just above the exit status will be an Import Summary. This summary will list each import and provide the number of records loaded and the number of errors for that import. If any errors occurred they will list below the summary information.

  5. Review the information on the Post Import Procedures page.

  6. Once a successful import has been certified we recommend immediately creating a database backup using the /ssdt/script/ script.

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