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The H Data Set includes the QC and DN record types.  The QC record type includes operational unit, cash, cash reconciliation, receipt, expenditure, capital assets, federal assistance and civil proceedings data.

Table of Contents

Operational Unit (QC)

A three digit number assigned by individual school districts defining specific locations or buildings within the district. For instance, you can track expenditures of the high school separately from those of a middle school or elementary by implementing operational units.

If the OPU is a school building, use the building IRN for the entity IRN. If the OPU is not a school building and refers to district wide expenditures, the district IRN should be used for the entity IRN and the entity type should be blank. If the OPU is the central office then the entity IRN should be the district IRN and the entity type should be a “C”.

Cash (QC)

Cash accounts are established to track the actual amount of cash that the district has in the bank. As expenditures are made, the cash is decreased and as receipts are posted, the cash increases. The cash accounts are composed of the following account dimensions:



Cash Balances as of June 30 are calculated by taking

July 1 Cash Balance
+ Fiscal Year Receipts
– Fiscal Year Expenditures
June 30 Cash Balance.  

The June 30 cash balance has to equal the new fiscal years July 1 Cash balance. Example June 30 Cash Balance for FY2011 = 100,000 then July 1 Cash Balance for FY2012 = 100,000.


Expenditure (QC)

Budget accounts provide a breakdown of estimated and actual expenditures. The budget accounts are composed of the following account dimensions:


Debt Bond Retire Fund: flag yes if it applies

Receipt (QC)

Revenue accounts track the estimated and actual receipts for a school district. The revenue accounts are composed of the following account dimensions:



Estimated Revenue – Actual Receipts = Fiscal Year Receivable


Federal Assistance Summary (QC)

Entity Name: District of subdivision receiving funds


Federal Receipt Group: Federal Agency that administers program


Federal Assistance Detail (QC)

CFDA Number: Five-digit number from grantor that identifies that program



Should match the Cash record “Fiscal Year Expenditure” for that particular fund special cost center


Exhibit 1 – Cash Reconciliation (QC)

Depository Name: Name of banking institution

Deposit Amount: Amount of monies available at that institution


Civil Proceedings – Stmt R (QC)

Contains all data pertaining to any civil proceedings pending in court involving the Board of Education

Case Number

Description of Case


Capital Assets (QC)

Capital Assets Code : Three character code as defined below


Construction in Progress - The cost of construction work undertaken but not yet completed.


Organization General Information – (DN)

Building Square Feet – square footage of the building