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  • Go to System/Configuration
    • Classic Migration ConfigurationEnter the 'Fiscal Year Closed' date and time from Classic's USASDAT/USACON.  This is the date and time Classic's ADJUST program was run when closing the fiscal year prior to extracting the district's data. 
    • EIS Classic Integration Configuration: If the district is currently using Classic's EIS (Equipment Inventory System), enter the 'Pending Threshold' amount from Classic and either checkmark the 'automatic' box for it to automatically update the pending file for 6xx object codes or leave unchecked and the user will be prompted for both 5xx and 6xx object codes.
    • EMIS SOAP Service Configuration: Enter the fiscal year the district will be reporting for the next Period H submission.  This is required before running the EMIS extract option under the Extracts menu.
    • Transaction Configuration: Specify the highest transaction number used instead of the system using the highest number retrieved from the database.  This will be helpful in eliminating gaps in transaction numbers.
  • Go to System/Modules to install the following modules:
    • Classic Requisition Approval Module: must be installed if they use Onbase or RAM). 
    • File Transfer Notification Services: must be installed if they use RAM
    • USPS Integration Module: must be installed in order to post USPS-R payroll, Board Retirement and Board Share of Distribution files into USAS-R
    • Windows Active Directory Service Authentication: must be installed if they would like to use Active Directory
  • Go to Transactions/Activity Ledger. If the following warning message is displayed, please be advised that the ledgers have not finished posting and the data you are seeing in the Activity Ledger is incomplete.  Once this message no longer displays, the posting of the ledgers has completed and all data is available from the import.
  • Go to Core/Delivery Addresses: By default, all delivery addresses imported from Classic are inactive.  Checkmark the 'Active' box to activate a delivery address.

Data Cleanup

Once your data has been imported into the redesign, your ITC may contact you with a list of errors that occurred during import.  Errors may include, but are not limited to: