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  • USAS-R Month end Balancing Checklist

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  •  4. If all above steps are performed and totals all agree, you are in balance and may proceed with the next step.

    5. Schedule a job to run Monthly Reports.  Manually run and review desired reports


    This is currently not available in the Redesign so month-end reports will need to be run manually and saved to your computer. Issue #USASR-607 will implement month and fiscal year-end report archival process


  • The MonthlyCD Report Bundle is now available and will automatically run when the Posting Period is closed. This bundle includes 24 SSDT Template reports. A list of included reports can be found here. 

Month End Reports:

    • Cash Reconciliation Report for the month
    • Cash-related Reports: Cash Summary Report and a Financial Detail Report for the month
    • Budget-related Reports: 
      • Budget Summary/Budget Account Activity Report (for the month)
      • Appropriation Summary Report
      • Budget Summary MOE
      • Negative Budget Report; Negative Appropriation Account Report
    • Revenue-related Reports: Revenue Summary/Revenue Account Activity report for the month
    • PO-related Reports: Purchase Order Detail Report for the month; Outstanding Purchase Order Detail Report
    • Invoice-related Reports: Outstanding Invoices by Vendor Name report
    • Disbursement-related Reports: Disbursement Summary Report for the month; Outstanding Disbursement Summary Report
    • Receipt-related Reports
      • Receipt Ledger Report for the month
      • Reduction of Expenditure Ledger Report for the month
      • Refund Ledger Report for the month
  •  6. Generate any additional month-end reports manually. 7. To close the month, under the Core menu, click on Posting Periods.
    • Click on  to create the new posting period.  Select the month, enter the calendar year and checkmark the 'current' box to make the new posting period the current period.
    • Click on  to 'Close' the current period.
    • The MonthlyCD report bundle will automatically run when the Posting Period is closed.