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  • Any corrections or adjustments can be made by going to CORE/LEAVES/ACCUMULATIONS
    -Click on 
    -Employee- Find employee by typing in a few characters of first or last name then clicking on the employee name                                                                                                                 
    -Position-Select Position from drop down
    -Leave-Choose the type of leave from the drop down
    -Leave Unit-Should default to current leave unit (Daily /Hourly)
    -Description- Enter a description of what this adjustment is for (optional)
    -Length- Enter the length days/hours this adjustment entry is for (ex. 1.00 or -1.00)
    -Transaction Date-Enter or select the date from the calendar for this transaction

    -Verify that there are no orphan records by checking grid to verify that there are not any records with a number and the Last Name is Template and First Name Import.  If found, change Number to a number that would be before the first employee number. (sort number on grid to find lowest number)
    -Verify that there are no employees with Long Term illness days.  Go to More and add the Long Term Illness column to the grid.  Then in the Long Term Illness column, search for any employees with >0 balances.  These can the be removed under the EMIS Employee Entry by selecting the edit option and clearing out the Long Term Illness field.  This field can also be cleared by using a MASS CHANGE procedure.  Please contact your ITC for them to run this for you.

  • Go to Payroll/Future
    -Verify that there are no orphan dock records that may have been imported from dock next pay field from classic. If an orphan record is found and should not be included delete this record from Future.


    The beginning Direct Deposit number in the redesign is set at 100000.