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  • Go to Reports/Leave Balance Report
    -Click on Leave Balance Report
    -Choose Sort By option from drop down
    -Choose Page Break On option from drop down
    -Choose Leave Report Options from drop down - **Note**-If selecting all leave types, there is an issue currently with the Totals not being correct.  USPSR-3824 
    -Unselect any pay group you do not wish to appear on the report moving them to the Available box
    -Run BENRPT in classic using the same sort options that was used in the redesign and compare all leave totals on the Leave Balance Report with the BENRPT

  • Go to Reports/ODJFS New Hire Report
    - Run and Check ODJFS New Hire Report to make sure no Template Import records (orphaned records) were imported.
    • If Template Import records are found, run ODJFS New Hire and create a file. Nothing will need to be done with the file. This will get rid of all of these records.

  • Go to Reports/W2 Report and Submission
    -Run W2 Report and Submission and compare it to the Classic W2PROC/W2REPT for balancing.

  • Go to Reports/Quarter Report
    -Run Quarter Report and compare it to the classic QRTRPT for balancing. 
    • **NOTE** - USPSR-3827 - Not handling voided/reissue checks correctly-Release date-10/19/2018
    • **NOTE** - USPSR-3826 - Medicare/SS items not including board adjustments in QTD, YTD, and FTD totals-Release date-10/19/2018
    • **NOTE** - USPSR-3790 - Payroll Item Summary totals not matching