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  • SSDT Utils package installed and up-to-date
  • the district's compose project must be configured for USAS, USPS or both
  • Exports of USAS / USPS
  • If you have previously imported into this project, you might want to delete any existing data and volumes so there are no remaining components.  THIS IS DESTRUCTIVE and will remove all components for the project, so use with extreme caution and make sure you are in the correct project directory.

  • Warning

    If you are removing JUST one (either usas or usps), you CANNOT use docker-compose down -v as this will take down both instances.  See below for an example on how to remove just one.

    Code Block
    ###To delete all (both usas and usps):
    docker-compose down -v
    ###If it's just one (in this example usas):
    docker-compose stop usasapp
    docker-compose stop usasdb
    docker-compose rm usasapp (answer Y)
    docker-compose rm usasdb (answer Y)
    docker volume ls ##(to make sure of the volume name)
    docker volume rm xxxx_usasdb_1