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Examples of typical USAS import errors

  • Invalid vendor data:  We're seeing lot of invalid data in the vendor import, such as invalid state abbreviations, postal codes containing a hyphen, missing primary names, etc.  These vendors will import and all YTD amounts will be correct because the transaction data will be associated to the vendor.  However, these vendors will need to be modified and their information updated.  The SSDT Post Import Vendor Report will generate a report of vendors that did not properly import that will aide in the cleanup process.  You can also filter the vendor grid for a primary name of "Template Vendor" to see which vendors did not import properly.
  • Suspicious Invoices:  We're seeing a lot of partial invoices with invoices dates after full invoices.  This is a problem in the Redesign because it is date driven.  In most cases these invoices will need to be cleaned up so they don't cause problems with carryover encumbrances.
  • Requisition header and items:  You may see messages that requisition headers and items were not created because the related purchase order was not found.  When requisitions are converted to POs and then the PO is deleted the import will not post the associated requisition.
  • Users:  You may see a message stating "Unable to find ord.ssdt_ohio.usas.model.user.User with id "some string of characters".  This means that a user record was created during a transaction import (created by user) but when the user import ran that user was not found in the import file.  This user was most likely deleted in Classic but was still referenced via the created by user field on various transactions.


Examples of typical USPS import errors