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- /data
   -> /prod
      -> hicksville
      -> holgate
      -> sampletown
      -> sylvania


Each district directory will contain:


Several other post-deployment configuration step may be necessary.  These are detailed below.

Set Admin user password


By default


, the special "admin" user profile will be


created automatically the first time the application is started.  You must assign a unique admin password before any production data is entered or imported into the system.

The initial password is assigned by defining the following environment variable in the usXsapp section of the docker-compose.yml or docker-compose.override.yml

Alternatively, the password can be set at application startup by adding these lines to the environment key of both usasapp and uspsapp services: 

Once the application has been started, the environment variable above must be removed from the docker-compose.override file.

Code Block


The above lines will cause the "admin" password to be reset each time the application is started.  See Authentication and Authorization for more information.  If this property is used to recover access to the application, it must be removed immediately after the next startup.

USAS/USPS Integration Setup