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The Certification/Appropriation Reports allows the user to generate an Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources summary or detail report.  The "Amended Official Certificate of Estimated Resources" report is to be submitted to the county auditor.   By default, all funds will be reported at the Fund/SCC level.  However, you can choose to enter ranges of fund numbers and specify a reporting level of either Fund or Fund/SCC.  Please refer to the Fund Levels for Reporting section of this chapter for further information. 

Fiscal Year

  • The


  • user selects the fiscal year to report on.  

Tax Options

  • By default, values listed will be included in the "Taxes" column on the report unless you place a checkmark next to the Property Tax Allocation (3131, 3132, 3133, 3134, 3135, 3139), Income Tax (1130) or Other Taxes (1190) options.   

Exclude Fund/SCC

  • You may also enter Fund/SCCs you wish to exclude from the report. This might be utilized when it becomes necessary to exclude a budget reserve fund, student activity funds, or auxiliary service funds, etc. 

Principal Amounts for Permanent Funds

  • Allows the user to enter the fund and special cost center along with the associated principal amount for any permanent funds. Reporting requirements state that only interest earnings are supposed to be considered available for expenditure when certifying year-end balances of a permanent fund to the county auditor. 


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  • NOTE: The amount entered for each Fund/SCC will be subtracted from the beginning cash balance reported for the fund.

Advances Not Repaid

  • It is necessary to enter any advances that have not been repaid as of July 1st.  NOTE: A positive amount should be entered for the fund that made the advance and a negative amount entered for the fund that will be making the reimbursement.
  • Use the + to add principal amounts for permanent funds.  You will be prompted to enter the permanent Fund/SCC and Principal amount.  The SCC will default to '0000' if an SCC isn't entered.
  • Click on  to generate a PDF version of the report.

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Fund Levels for Reporting

The report subtotals are based on reporting levels that can be specified on the associated Fund.