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  1. Create a directory to contain the new USAS or USPS agent using a pattern such as USxS-SIF-n-n-n. It is common practice to place the version specific agent directory inside a directory named /SIFAgents.  For example: C:\SIFAgents\usps-sif-2-0-2
  2. Download the kit from SSDT download web site (as described in the Release page) and place it in the new directory
  3. Unzip the kit
  4. If upgrading from a previous version, copy the agent.cfg and Agent.ks file from the previous install directory into the new directory. This will preserve zone and SOAP settings from the earlier configuration.
  5. It is recommended that a shared keystore (Configuring Agent SSL keys) be used. If a shared keystore has not been setup, it will also be necessary to copy the Trusted.ks and agent.ks file files from the previous install directory into the new directory.
  6. From a command prompt, launch the agent standalone:

    Code Block
    > cd C:\SIFAgents\{installdirectory}
    > java -jar RunAgentStandalone.jar

  7. If the agent starts without error, press CTRL-C to terminate the agent
  8. Install the agent as a service, type the following in a command line prompt:

    Code Block
    > USPS.exe --install
    > USAS.exe --install