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Payroll Item Refund is used to process a refund of a Payroll Item for an employee. For example, a Payroll Item Refund would be necessary if an employee had an insurance deduction withheld for $80.00 and it should not have been deducted. The Payroll Item Refund allows you to reimburse the total amount or a portion to the employee and reduce the amount sent to the deduction company.

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To refund an employee, the amount must be set up in the employee's Payroll Item Error Adjustments field as a negative amount.  If having to deduct more money from the employee, the amount will need to be a positive.

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Once the amount is entered, go to Processing/Payroll Item Refund

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Click on 'DetailView' to show view the Payroll Item to be refunded Image Removedor 'Edit' to update the record

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Select the employee to be refunded by enter athe box.  Then  

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Then click on :

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Bank Account:  Can use the  to select Bank Account for processing