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DateSubjectRecording LinkWebinar Length (h:m:s)
Friday, 12/13/19USXS-R: Review Major Highlights from prior releases (covering both USAS & USPS so may be an extended session)

SSDT YouTube 12/13/19

Friday, 12/6/19USXS-R: Report Bundles that are replacing MONTHLYCD & PAYROLLCDSSDT YouTube 12/06/1900:40:43
Friday, 11/15/19Redesign CYE Review: Click here for ITC Redesign Meeting pageSSDT YouTube 11/15/1903:06:07
Friday, 11/08/19Classic CYE Review: Click here for ITC Classic CYE Meeting pageSSDT YouTube 11/08/1902:15:18
Friday, 11/01/19Overview of JIRA: Click here for presentation materialsSSDT YouTube 11/01/1900:48:08
Friday, 10/18/19USPS-R: Mass Change DefinitionsSSDT YouTube 10/18/1900:56:10
Friday, 10/11/19USAS-R: Five Year Forecast/Spending Plan and ReportsSSDT YouTube 10/11/1900:50:19
Friday, 9/20/19USPS-R: Reports Usage00:29:18
Friday, 9/06/19USAS-R: Reports UsageSSDT YouTube 09/06/1901:01:20
Friday, 8/16/19USPS-R: Review Major Highlights from prior releases00:38:00
Friday, 8/09/19USAS-R: Review Major Highlights from Releases 7.18, 7.19, 7.20 & 7.21SSDT YouTube 08/09/1900:52:30
Friday, 8/02/19USAS-R: Balancing/Carryover Reconciliation ReportSSDT YouTube 08/02/1902:04:00
Friday, 5/24/19Redesign FYE ReviewSSDT YouTube 05/24/1902:31:16
Friday, 5/17/19Classic FYE ReviewSSDT YouTube 05/17/1902:08:09

Redesign USAS-R Training for ITC fiscal support staff only

  • 5/14/19: Core and Transaction Menus
  • 5/15/19: Budgeting, Periodic and Extract Menus
  • 5/16/19: Reports, System, and Utilities Menus





Redesign USPS-R Training for ITC fiscal support staff only

  • 5/7/19: Core Menu
  • 5/8/19: Payroll Processing
  • 5/9/19: System, Utilities, and Reports Menus

SSDT YouTube 05/07/19


Friday, 4/12/19USPS-R: Review Major Highlights on prior releasesSSDT YouTube 04/12/1900:31:14
Friday, 4/05/19USAS-R: Redesign Budgeting StepsSSDT YouTube 04/05/1901:03:00
Friday, 3/22/19USAS-R: Review Major Highlights on Releases 7.15, 7.16 & 7.17SSDT YouTube 03/22/1901:30:00
Friday, 12/14/18USAS-R: Setting up Classic FISCWEB in the RedesignSSDT YouTube 12/14/1800:59:38
Wed, 12/05/18Redesign CYE ReviewSSDT YouTube 12/05/1802:08:37
Friday, 11/16/18Classic CYE ReviewSSDT YouTube 11/16/1802:08:22
Friday, 10/26/18USXS-R: Reports WebinarSSDT YouTube 10/26/1802:27:28
Friday, 08/31/18USPS-R: Mass Load and Mass Change Options

Fridays With Fiscal 08/31/2018

Friday, 08/24/18SSDT Service Desk System for the RedesignFridays with Fiscal 08/24/1800:46:00
Friday, 08/17/18USPS-R: Custom Report CreationFridays with Fiscal 08/17/1800:32:02
Friday, 08/03/18USPS-R: Upcoming School Year ProcessesFridays with Fiscal 08/03/1800:23:20
Friday, 07/27/18USAS-R: Automatic Reconciliation and Positive PayFridays with Fiscal 07/27/1800:23:25
Friday, 07/13/18USAS-R: Pre & Post Import Items USAS-RFridays with Fiscal 07/13/1800:46:23
Friday, 07/06/18USPS-R: Pre-Import Items USPS-RFridays with Fiscal 07/06/1800:15:10
Friday, 06/29/18USAS-R: USACERT programs in the RedesignFridays with Fiscal 06/29/1800:33:04
Friday, 05/25/18USXS-R: BRDDIS processingFridays with Fiscal 05/25/1800:30:53
Friday, 05/18/18USAS-R: Five Year ForecastFridays with Fiscal 05/18/1800:32:30
Friday, 04/27/18USPS-R: How dates work in Redesign vs. ClassicFridays with Fiscal-04/27/1800:23:00
Friday, 04/13/18USPS-R: ODJFS New Hire, ODJFS Report, W2 Report and Submission OptionsFridays with Fiscal-04/13/1800:16:00
Friday, 04/06/18USAS-R: Activity Ledger Query and Generating Reports from itFridays with Fiscal 04/06/1800:43:14
Friday, 03/23/18USPS-R: SERS/STRS New Hire, SERS/STRS Per Pay, STRSMONTHFridays with Fiscal 03/23/1800:21:00
Friday, 03/16/18USXS-R: Updates from the latest Production releaseFridays with Fiscal 03/16/1800:53:11
Friday, 03/09/18USAS-R: Users, Roles and Account Filters01:01.00
Friday, 02/23/18USPS-R: Payments-Payee/PayrollFridays with Fiscal 02/23/1800:44.00
Friday, 02/09/18USPS-R: Check register and Automatic Payment Reconciliation ConfigurationFridays with Fiscal 02/09/1800:37.49
Friday, 02/02/18USAS-R: Posting Pending Transactions; Disbursement Options; Auto Reconciliation Setup00:54:08
Friday, 01/26/18USPS-R: Report option on the gridsFridays with Fiscal 01/26/1800.33.06
Friday, 01/19/18USAS-R: Grid options including MORE; Advanced Query; Filter Row Shortcuts, sorting columns, resequencing columnsFridays with Fiscal 01/19/181:01:57
Friday, 01/12/18USPS-R: Benefit Update and Projection and Payroll Item RefundFridays with Fiscal 01/12/1800.33:07
Friday, 01/05/18No Demo planned: Discuss Implementation Plan; Production Release schedule; Train-the-Trainer Sessions; Current DocumentationFridays with Fiscal 01/05/1800:21:15
Friday, 12/01/17USAS-R Topics: USAS Template Reports00:53:58
Friday, 11/17/17USPS-R: Payroll Processing and Associated ReportsFridays with Fiscal 11/17/1700:47:32
Friday, 11/10/17USAS-R: Transaction topics: Distributions/Error Corrections, Transfers/Advances, Activity Ledger Query and the Posting Periods option under the Core menu.00:59:05
Friday, 11/03/17USPS-R: Core topics: Compensation, EMIS Entry,Adjustments, Date Codes, Payee, Payroll Item Configuration and Posting Periods00:56:21
Friday, 06/30/17USXS-R: Report Manager, Template and Canned Reports01:12:48
Friday, 06/23/17USAS-R: Payables, Disbursements, Receipts and Refunds01:16:14
Friday, 06/16/17USPS-R: Attendance Import, Mass Load and New Contract.00:52:33

Friday, 06/02/17

USAS-R: Requisitions, Mass Converting Reqs, Delivery Addresses, Purchase Orders & Invoicing00:58:44
Friday, 05/19/17USPS-R: Job Calendars, ACH options, Bank accounts, Pay Groups and Organization Module 01:17:36
Friday, 05/12/17USAS-R: Vendors, Accounts & Users00:51:46
Friday, 05/05/17USPS-R: How to Add a New Employee00:45:50