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Payroll Accounts contains pay account records for each Compensation that is entered. When a payroll is processed the accounts entered in Payroll Accounts option are used to complete the USAS charging of the payroll.  

Search/View Payroll Accounts

The Payroll Accounts Grid allows the user to search for existing employee Accounts. You can either enter in the Number or a few characters in any of the grid headings and all occurrences of that search will show up and then you can choose the item(s) you are wanting to view or edit.  Example - First Name is one of my grid options. If I type in %San% (% is use as a wildcard) in the First name field, all occurrences of anyone with 'San' in the first name will appear. You can then click on the next to the Payroll Account record you are searching for to view the data relating to this employee or click on the to edit the record or to delete the record:

Create Payroll Accounts


Info Message will appear if the Payroll Account is already created for this employee. Will take you to Edit mode:

To create a new pay account for an employee, the employee and Position number must already exist.

Select the Employee and Position number to add the new Payroll Account and click on Continue:

Click on to add a new Payroll Account:

  1. Select the Expenditure Account by clicking on the  or by entering in a portion of the account to narrow your search for Example: 001:

  2. Status allows the user to set the status of the account.  Options are:
      • A - Active
      • I - Inactive
      • S - Specific Miscellaneous
      • M - Maximum amount in effect. 
    Note: To determine whether an account is active or not the system will check both the Account Status field AND the Pay Start and Stop Dates. A pay account with an inactive status but with an active start date will NOT be charged.  A Pay Account with an active status with Start and Stop dates but the pay is outside these dates will NOT be charged.
  3. The Rate Type refersto the method by which this account is to be charged:
    1. Percent - indicates a percentage of gross to be charged to this account.
    2. Fixed - indicates a fixed dollar amount to be charged to the account:
      • Restrictions on the use of the Fixed Option are as follows:
          • The purpose of the Fixed Option is to accommodate special funding where a set amount is to be charged to a particular account for a job.
          • Pay accounts for each job must total 100 percent. Therefore if a fixed rate is used, there must be at least one percentage rate record on file for the job totaling 100 percent. Failure to have a percentage rate record or records totaling 100 percent will result in the job not being included in the payroll. Users will receive a warning message in this case.
          • Active fixed rate accounts for a job will be charged first. Once the fixed amount is charged, the active percentage rate account or accounts are then charged based on the percentages assigned.
          • Benefits (sick, vacation, jury duty etc.) will not be charged to a fixed amount account.
  4. The Charge Amount or Percent is the percentage or fixed amount that is to be charged to this account. Whether a percentage or fixed amount is entered is dependent on what is entered in the Percent or fixed field.
  5. The Maximum to charge field contains a maximum dollar amount to be charged to a specific pay account. After Max amount has been reached,  the system then begins to use the percentage rate accounts. 
  6. The Start Date  is the payroll period beginning date of the payroll for which the pay account should start.
  7. The Stop Date is the payroll period ending date of the payroll for which the pay account should stop.
  8. The Employer Distribution determines whether this is a Board Pay Account:
    1. Check if account should be used for Board Distribution?
    2. Leave blank if account should not be used for Board Distribution?
  9. Leave Projection determines whether or not an account can be used by Leave Projection to charge out the leave entered in CORE/ATTENDANCE:
    1. Check if account should be used for Leave Projection?
    2. Leave blank if account should not be used for Leave Projection?
  10. The Sort Order 

Click on Save.  If Acitve Accounts do not equal a 100%, errors and warnings will occur:

A Warning message will be created if no Percentage amounts are found and will be saved:

Delete Payroll Accounts

Click on   in the grid beside the desired account number to be deleted.  A confirmation box will appear asking to confirm that the Account will be deleted:

Mass Change

To add the Mass Change option, please click on the Mass Change documentation link to find the How to Steps: Mass Change

Report Creation

To create a report from the Grid, please click on the Report documentation link to find the How to Steps: Report