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March 6th, 2017

What is the status of the Redesign?

The SSDT just wrapped up the ‘Preview Release’ phase last year.  The primary goal of the Preview Releases was to allow end-users to experience and evaluate the software in a production-like environment with their own data.  The Preview Releases were not meant to represent a complete replacement for Classic USAS.  We did receive some helpful feedback and appreciate everyone who took the time to evaluate the software.

Release Candidate 

Our next phase is ‘Release Candidates’... with our first Release Candidate to be implemented within the next month!   The minimum set of features that make Classic USAS & USPS what they are will be completed during the Release Candidate phase.  There will be several implementations of Release Candidates and with each implementation, all mandatory features will be available and known bugs eliminated.  At this point the software should be evaluated for production implementation.  We strongly urge users to evaluate each Release Candidate and provide feedback to the SSDT.  Your feedback is essential and invaluable!  Feel something is missing?  Let us know!  We prioritize our work load based on what we hear from you.  The more feedback we receive on a feature/report/etc the higher priority it will have.  Look to your right for information on how to provide feedback.  

(sad) But I haven't seen the Redesign yet... please read the next article!

Production Release

Once a district evaluates and accepts a Release Candidate, we move to 'Production Releases'.  The first Production Release will not satisfy every district.  A district's individual requirements will determine when they are ready to move to Production.  User feedback continues throughout this phase and each subsequent Production Release will add more features.  As the functionality is added, districts will decide if the functionality they need is there.  At that point the system is ‘done’ for them and they can choose to switch from Classic to Redesign.  We do not have a volunteer district in writing yet, but have received definite interest and verbal commitments. 


Have You Seen the Redesign yet?

We're hoping the answer is "Yes!"  If not, could any of your reasons include:

Reason #1:  I don't have time.

While we understand your time is indeed precious and in limited supply, we hope you will make some time to see a demonstration given by your ITC or request a test environment from them.  The Preview Release version of the software has been made available for districts to test and familiarize themselves with for almost a year.  

Reason #2:  It hasn't been made available to me.

A test environment of the Redesign software can be made available to any district.  You simply need to request one from your ITC.  The test environment can even be populated with a copy of your district's financial data for you to experiment with.  Please contact your ITC for further details!  If your ITC is unable to provide one for you, please contact the SSDT at  We'd be happy to help!  (smile) 

Reason #3:  I'm waiting until it's 'done'.

You will be waiting a long time because the The SSDT can't provide a definition of 'done' for you, only you can.  As was stated in the article above, "A district's individual requirements will determine when they are ready to move to Production."  The only way you are going to find out is by experimenting with the software yourselves.  I mean, who does that?  What software company allows you to evaluate a pre-production version of the software and asks you to provide feedback on how you want it to look or what features you feel are necessary?  And then provides you with a test environment with data you recognize and are comfortable with?  State Software does.  (thumbs up)  

Grids - your new BFF in State Software

Almost every interface in USXS-R has been switched over to a grid-style format.  Grids will become your best bud in the redesign due to the customizing you can do in each and every interface.  Gone are the days of the USASWEB queries where you were stuck with the columns provided in your query results.  In USXS-R, if you want to remove a column because you don't use it, you got it!  If you want to rearrange your grid columns to where they make more sense to you, you got it!  If you want to query for specific things in the grid and want to save that query for future use or pull the query into a report, you got it!  Here are the highlights


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Useful links:

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Feedback Email:




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Date Shortcuts

Many of the grid queries and reports allow for a date or date range to be entered.  For example, you can use the beginning and ending characters to indicate the beginning and ending dates for the current applicable period.  Please note these aren't case-sensitive.




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Filter Row Shortcuts

Along with the date shortcuts above, the filter row on each grid recognizes the following shortcuts to make filtering your data that much easier!





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