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USPS-R Home OptionsUSPS Classic ReportsDefinition
SSDT Account History ReportACCRPTLists stop date, Employee Number, Employee Name, Position paid, amount, charged, expenditure account and percent of amount charged to the account
SSDT Account History Report v2ACCRPTLists stop date, Employee number, position number, employee name, amount charged, chargeable calculations, expenditure account, subtotal of each account and Grand total of report.  Have the option to search by employee Number
SSDT Adjustment Journal Mass Load ExtractNew Report

If updates are needed, offsetting entries can be created.

SSDT Attendance Journal ReportABSRPT/ABS101Provides a listing of attendance and absence categories by employee, by date
SSDT Audit TrailAUDRPTProduces a report showing the change activity that occurred on the flies
SSDT Auditable EventsAUDRPTProduces a report showing the change activity that occurred on the flies
SSDT Birthday ReportBIRTHHIREProduces a report listing the employees name, birth, and hire date
SSDT Check STRS Advance ReportCHKSTRSProduces a report listing each employee's STRS Advance amounts paid
SSDT Compensation Journal Adjustments Mass Load ExtractNew Report

Ability to manual adjust compensation amounts and days worked

SSDT Employee Hired ReportNEWHIREProduces a report listing the employees name, birth, and hire date
SSDT Employee Terminated ReportNew ReportReport will show all employees with a Termination date or a Start and End Date can be entered to show specific dates
SSDT Employee Wages ReportNew Report

Report shows all employees Gross and New wages for the Month, Quarter, YTD and FYTD.

The wages are figured from what Posting Period is currently open

SSDT Future Pay Amount ReportFUTPAYReport that summarizes the information contained in Payroll Payments Future
SSDT INFOhio Patron ExtractNew ReportReport listing last and First Name, Address, Building IRN, Birth Date, Gender, Pos#, Number, Job Status and Contract Amount
SSDT New Contract Payroll AccountsNEWCNT/NEWPAYOffers the ability to select and sort records based on pay accounts
SSDT New Contract Summary ReportNEWCNT/REPORTSReport of data in New Contracts
SSDT Non Contract Compensation Mass Load ExtractNew ReportMass Load option for New Contracts - Non Contract Compensations
SSDT Outstanding Checks ReportCHKSTSThe Check Status Report lists the check number; check status and type; employee ID, deduction code, or vendor number (depending on the check type); name; issue date; period ending date; date voided; date reconciled; gross pay; and net pay
SSDT Payroll Account ReportPAYACCLists the employee name, position number, budget account number, rate type, rate and status
SSDT Payroll Item DetailDEDLSTProgram generates a listing of employees and Payroll Item information associated with employees
SSDT Payroll Item History ReportNew ReportList of employee per pay Payroll Item History
SSDT User Listing AOS ExtractNew ReportExtract User Listing report for ExtractingAOS
SSDT USPSR User Listing ReportNew ReportUser listing report
SSDT Wage ReportWAGOBL/WAGEMPGenerates a report listing the district's current accrued wage obligations by employee (remove) or account code