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To create a template spreadsheet using the Compensations fields, which can assist in creating new contracts,  you can import this json file into Reports  -  New Contract Compensation Worksheet.rpd-json With some manipulation to the spreadsheet this will then allow you to create new contracts using the Import option in Processing/ New Contracts.

After the spreadsheet has been created you can filter sort to obtain specific  Pay Groups and remove all others if desired, or can also filter sort the entire spreadsheet on Compensation Start and Compensation Stop Dates and then remove any records that will not require a new contract for the upcoming year.


Filtering Sorting options are strictly the decision of the district and what data they wish to import into New Contracts.

The data under the column header CONTRACT_TYPE  will need to be updated to of to 4 or NewContract. Also, any fields containing a TRUE or FALSE value needs need to be changed to a Y or N value for the import to successfully load.

After all manual changes Obligation, Amount, Start and Stop Dates, Contract Type, True/False to Y/N, etc. have been made to the spreadsheet, save it as a csv file for proper importing into Reports.

Redesign to Classic Fields and Descriptions