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Field NameSpreadsheet ColumnCSV Position  DescriptionFormatMax. Size 
Record IndicatorA1Literal record indicator must contain "AA" to indicate Absence/AttendanceLiteral XXXX
Employee IDB2NumberEmployXXXXXXXXX
Position NumberC


Required: Compensation number. Either the job number or a location code must be provided to permit posting into CURRENT or FUTURE. This job number would be matched directly to the COMPENSATION record for the employee.Option


Location Code


Optional: Buidling IRN or Building/Department code. If a job number is not provided, the location code may be used to determine which job the record is to be posted to.



5Transaction posting dateYYYYMMDD
Transaction TypeF6

Valid values are: AB = absence AT = attendance

Transaction CategoryG7

Valid values for type AT: AT = Attendance SB = Substituting Valid values for type AB: CA = calamity DO = dock HO = holiday JD = jury duty MI = military OT = other PL = personal leave PR = professional leave SI = sick UN = unknown VA = vacation


Length of absence or attendance


Tracking UnitI9Valid values for unit of attendance or absence: H = hourly D = dailyValidXX
Unit amountJ10Optional: If supplied, this rate will be used for paying the job.  If not supplied, the job will be paid using the unit amount from the POSITION record same location code.Optional


Appointment type


Optional: Valid values for appointment type: Space = not defined 1 = Certified 2 = Classified

Sub for IDL12

Optional: Employee ID Number for absent employee. ID of employee whose position the sub is filling in for. May be used to determine pay account charging.


Sub category


Optional: User defined. May be used to further define the transaction category.


Budget account or XREF code


Optional: Budget account to charge during payroll. An XREF code may be used rather than the full budget account code.


Budget code:




Special Cost CenterXXXX


Operational UnitXXX 

Instructional LevelXX 

Job Assignment XXX 


Calculate gross15 Optional: Valid values for gross flag are: Y = yes N = no space = user defined at run time The user will be asked at run time, "Post to Current, Future, or None?" If none, this flag is ignored and no transactions will be posted to Payroll Payments - Current or Future. If the user answers Current or Future, the space and "Y" will provide the same result. The transaction will be posted to Payroll Payments - Current or Future. If "N", the transaction will not be posted to Payroll Payments - Current or Future. X
Retire hours16 Optional: Retirement hours will be imported to CURRENT or FUTURE, depending on what the user chooses. If retirement hours are not specified for a REG or OT pay type, the COMPENSATION Hours In Day fields (if populated) will be used to automatically calculate a value. (+/-)999.999
Pay Type17 Optional:  REG, MIS, OT, DCK, SHP, IRR, BCK, TRM, POF, NC1, NC2, NC3XXX 
Tax Option18 Optional: 1, 2, 3 or space

If left blank in csv file:

•  If POSITION Supplemental Type = SUP1, then 1 is automatically assigned

•  If POSITION Supplemental Type = SUP3, then 3 is automatically asssigned

•  If POSITION Supplemental Type not SUP1 or SUP3, then 2 is automatically assigned

Retirement option19 Optional: Y, N or space
Y or Space = Yes
N = No
Pay Amount Description20 Optional Alphanumeric 25 
Attendance posting Flag 21 Optional: Y, N or space

Y or Space = Yes

N = No

Board Distribution Flag22 Optional: Y, N or space

Y or Space = Yes

N = NO

Leave Projection Flag23 Optional: Y, N or space

Y or Space = Yes

N = No

Effective Date24 Optional: The effective date only applies to FUTURE entries. This date must be a vaild date in the format of YYYYMMDD and should be in the future. CURRENT entries will always contain zeroes since it is for the current payroll.YYYYMMDD 
LabelY25Required for Posting a Payroll Payment: Must match the label field on the compensation you want the payroll payment to be posted for. This field is optional if you are only posting attendance.Alphanumeric 


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