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  1. From the Report menu, select 'Report Manager'.
  2. Click on beside the desired report. This is the 'Generate and Download Report' option which automatically generates the report as is, allowing you to save or recall desired report settings, select the format, orientation, name of the report and query parameters before it is generated. (Please see 'Query Parameters section for more details).
    1. Save and Recall options: 
      1. Most Recent: By default, it will remember the entries you made from your previous report run.
      2. Default: If you want to select the 'default' settings of the report, select 'default' from the drop down menu. 
      3. To Save current report settings (in order to be used again), select the blank option and enter a save name.  Once you tab off the field, the 'save' icon will be active.  Click on  to save your report and parameter settings.  Your saved report name will now be included in the 'save and recall' drop down menu.  To delete an existing saved report, select the saved report and click on .

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    2. Report Direct Link:
      1. The Show Report Link icon will become available for any report parameters saved via the Save and Recall option. The icon will open a window containing a direct hyperlink to execute the report. The link may be bookmarked, sent via email, placed on a web page, etc.
      2. Include Parameters?This checkbox can be used to include all of the current parameters in the report link. When used, the report link will always use the original saved parameters. If this is not checked, the report link data will be run with the currently saved parameters for the Save and Recall name. If the saved parameters are changed and saved, the changes will affect future invocations of the link. 
      3. The Report Direct Link can also be used in Excel as a Web Query (Get Data from Web) to pull data directly from the application without downloading the output. In this case, one of the HTML (Table or FieldName) output formats should be selected.   When used in Excel, these output formats can be understood and formatted as a sheet. A web query in Excel this way can also be refreshed on demand.
      4. A username is required to access the report via direct link.
    3. Summary Report Image Addedwill generate a summary version of the current report. The summary will include any property designated as a Control Break or a Control Header and the related total and subtotal amounts.
    4. Show Report Options Image Addedincludes a printout of the report options selected for the report run. This option applies for PDF format only.
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    5. Job Scheduler icon 
      1. Allows you to schedule a report to run as a background or periodic job and automatically emailed to specified person.  Please click here for further details on how to schedule a report run based on a cron expression.