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    • Adoption Assistance - NC2
    • Dock - Dock amounts are subtracted from gross wages.   If there is not enough pay to cover the Dock, then a Deferred Dock Pay Type for the remaining Dock that could not be paid, will automatically be created.  This Deferred Dock will then try to be paid on the next pay, if there is enough earnings to cover it.
    • Irregular - Irregular pays update the contract amount paid, but do not update pays paid and days worked. This can be used to pay retro amount on a separate check.
    • Life Insurance Premium - NC1This pay type is used in the processing of the taxable amount of life insurance premiums on W2's for coverage in excess of $50,000.  Any NC1 amounts are taxed by Medicare and Social Security, as applicable. No Federal, state, or OSDI tax is deducted from this amount. The software provides the ability to withhold city tax on non-cash earnings. This can be activated by checking the "Tax Non Cash Earn" box on the city tax record in the Core/Payroll Item Configuration option.
    • Miscellaneous -  Does not update the contract amount paid. Miscellaneous pays can be taxed at different rates and charged to different accounts.
    • Non-cash Taxable Benefit - NC3  This pay type will represent the non-cash taxable benefit amount.
    • Non-taxable Reimbursement - Can be used to pay mileage or meal reimbursement
    • Overtime - These do not update the contract amount paid. If the rate field is left blank the system will enter a rate of 1 1/2.  If the Unit amount is specified in the csv file for an "OT" (overtime) pay type, then the amount (rate) from the csv file will override the unit amount in Compensation.  Overtime  Overtime wages are charged to an overtime account based on the employee's regular pay account.
    • Pay Off Accrued Wages - Pay off of total accrued wages. This pay type updates the contract amount paid. This amount is calculated by the system.
    • Regular - Regular wages for contracted employees. These count toward the fulfillment of the contract. When adding regular wages to an employee leaving the rate blank will cause the system to default to the employee's regular rate. Regular pay types are charged according to how they are set-up in Core/Payroll Accounts.
    • Retro - BCKRetro pay updates the contract amount paid.  Can be used as a negative or positive pay.
    • Shift Premium - Shift premiums can be defined in............ as a percent or fixed amount.
    • Termination -  Pays an employee a specific amount as termination pay, for example severance pay. You must supply the tax and retirement options. The Job Status field will be changed to 'Termination' once the payroll has been posted.