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Once the files are received, the ssdt needs to put them back together. If possible, this should be done in the same location so the files will be sent to the processing area for automatic loading for troubleshooting (ssdt-docker-02:/data/ In this case, the files resulting from the split command start with Fiscal-USxS-Pros-Backup_xa once uploaded.  I downloaded and then combined them to re-create the backup file.

cat Fiscal-USxS-Prod2_backup_xa* > IRNdistrict-uspsdb.backup.gz

Example - in this case, we know they are usps files from Xenia.  The IRN can be looked up here if it is not provided.

Code Block
##Original files:

##Command to put them together:
cat docker2_xe_xa* > 045153xenia-uspsdb.backup.gz

Technical Note:

The script uses the ssdt-utils image to execute the curl command to post the file to the SSDT's upload server at Since curl is running inside a temporary container, the file to be sent must be within or below your current working directory.  It also means you do no have to have curl installed on your server.