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  • The last pay on contract message is generated if the employee is paid with a LastPayEarnings (LPE) or a LastPayAccrued (LPA) pay type.
  • If the pays paid plus 1 equals the pays in contract, then they should be paid a LPA (if being paid from accrued wages) or a LPE (if being paid from regular wages).  So if only 1 pay is left, they should be paid with one of these types.  

INFO:  Accrued PayAmount $$$.$$ will exceed remaining total accrued wages $$$.$$ for Employee XXXXXXXXX, Position X 

  • The warning is to let the user know that the pay per period exceeds what is left in accrued.

Warning: This payroll includes charges to expenditure accounts that are inactive in USAS or have no external ID. See the Error Report for details.