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  • The default report file name is Pay Amount Summary Report. The text file name can be changed at the Report Title prompt.
  • Select the Report Output Format from the dropdown box:
    • PDF (Download)
    • CSV
    • Excel-Date
  • The  option will create a Grand Totals page if checked.
  • The  option will start a new page for each employee if checks if checked.
  • The Sort By option allows you to sort the report by:
    • Employee Number
    • Employee Name
    • Pay Group
    • Pay Group, Employee Number
    • Pay Group, Employee Name
    • Building/Department
    • Building/Department, Employee Number
    • Building/Department, Employee Name
    • Building/Department, Pay Group
    • Building/Department, Check Distribution
    • Check Distribution
    • Check Distribution, Employee Number
    • Check Distribution, Employee Name
  •  Check the if wanting to print subtotals per employee:
  • Check  option to show the 'Available' Pay Groups.  Click on the  to select the Available pay groups to move to the Selected box to only print those selected pay groups.  The report will show all the pay groups that are listed under Available, if left all under Available.


Pay Amount Summary Report example

Pay Item Detail Report

The Pay Item Detail Report is a detail report of employee paid Payroll Items.