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Most of the Linux commands given in this wiki space assume basic familiarity with Linux and Bash (Bourne Again SHell). Bash is is typically the default shell on most distros. For ITC personnel who have less experience with Linux, you may trip over some "simple" things.  This page contains a number of tips which may help get your head and fingers used to bash.

Table of Contents

For OpenVMS Admins

If you're experienced with OpenVMS, you will hate bash (for a while, or for a long time).   You'll miss things like /LOG and /CONFIRM doing the same thing on every command.  You'll be annoyed that everything is case-sensitive. You'll wonder why your typing 'cat' (or maybe 'dog') to TYPE a file and 'less' to page through a file.   For while, you may try to customize your ~/.bashrc file to have aliases that make it seem like DCL (I know, I tried).