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    • Does this municipality Tax Employer Amounts?
      • If the box is not checked  , any Payroll Items selected will be ignored. 
      • If the box is checked , the Payroll Items selected from the 'Available Employer Paid Payroll Items' option to the 'Tax Employer Paid Amounts for these Payroll Items' are treated as taxable wages for city and taxes are withheld each payroll. If a board pickup Medicare/FICA payroll item is selected (as shown below), the 'Medicare Pickup' value will be ignoredThis option is only if the Medicare Pickup field is checked. The Payroll Item Codes which have board paid amounts that are taxed by the municipality are entered selected in these fields.


  • The Suppress SSN/ID field allows you to choose if you want to suppress or print the SSN or Employee ID.  Check if wanting to 'Suppress SSN ID'.
  • Employer Health Coverage - Include employee and employer amounts in Box 12, Code DD? Check if 'Yes'.
  • Job Level 
  • Medicare Pickup -  If this prompt is checked, , the City Taxable Gross amount will be increased by medicare pick-up amount when W2 Processing is processed, ONLY.   The employee pays taxes on this amount when they file their tax return (not on a per pay basis).   If this box is not checked, but the 'Tax Employer Amounts'  box is checked under 'Employer Paid Amounts to be Taxed' on the city Payroll Item Configuration and 692 or 693 are selected, it will add the MEDFICAPU amount to the city amount during the payroll processing.
  • Does this municipality Tax Non Cash Earnings?  Check if 'Yes'
  • The Voluntary option is used when selecting Suppress Voluntary Deductions when running payroll. If it is marked and a Suppress Voluntary Deductions payroll is run it will not be withheld.

  • Required field is to indicate which Payroll Item records are or may be required for all employees. Check if 'Required'. (This is not yet available)

  • Show On Create Wizard - This has not been created yet. In the future when you create an employee, any payroll item config will show up on the screen so the user will know what payroll items to create. (This is not yet available).