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A "Rule Set" is a group of rules related to a specific business function or module.  Many rule sets are included with the software installation.  The  These are standard rules developed by the SSDT to implement standard and optional business rules.


BundledIndicates the ruleset is distributed as part of the application and can not be modified. Bundled rules are automatically loaded when the application starts or when a module is installed.
MandatoryMandatory rules are integral to the business rules of the application. Mandatory rules are bundled rules which can not be disabled.
EnabledNon-mandatory or user-written rules can be enabled or disabled. The applications contain a number of optional rules which can be enabled or disabled to cause optional behavior.
StreamA special category of rule which processes streams of events over time. Is currently Currently only used by the authentication failures over time system to detect implement break-in attemptsdetection and evation.

Security and Safe Mode

The rules engine is very powerful and flexible, but also potentially dangerous.   Rules are executed as part of a database transaction as the result of a user action.  However, as part of the business rules, they execute with elevated privileges.  Therefore, a user which has the ability to modify or create rules effectively has full administrator rights.