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Utilities menu contains information on the user currently logged in.includes the following interfaces:

Account Filters

Automatic Reconciliation

Change Password

Five Year Forecast

Mass Load

Show Profile

A crosswalk of the Utilities menu and its Classic counterparts is available below:

USAS-R Utilities OptionsUSAS Classic ProgramsDefinition
Account FiltersUSASEC Account Filters screen

Controls what accounts a user can create, read, update, delete and process transactions against on the system

Automatic ReconciliationAUTOREC set up on .INI file

One time setup for the format of the bank file.  Must be completed before using the Auto Reconcile option under Disbursements

Change PasswordN/A

If the user knows their old password they can change their password using the 'change password' link found on the USAS-R Login page or by the 'change password' option under the Utilities Menu

Five Year ForecastUSASFF Extract

Five Year Forecast option allows you to extract forecast data for the fiscal year that is current. 


Allows district to import cash, expenditure and revenue data into the USAS-R from an outside source

Show ProfileUSASWEB's Utilities 'Show Profile'

Detailed information about the user account currently logged into the USAS-R application.