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Permissions need to be granted in order to see many of the options available under the System menu.

System menu contains programs that control how processing is defined and done on the system and other options that only an administrator would access.  The interfaces include:


Custom Field Definitions




Remap Budgets



Show Sessions


A crosswalk of the System menu and its Classic counterparts is available below:

USAS-R System OptionsUSAS Classic ProgramsDefinition

Configuration details for installed modules

Custom Field DefinitionsN/AA field you define and place in various interfaces can be used when creating, editing, querying and reporting
DBAN/AAllows a Database Administrator to do direct queries against the database.

Displays all available modules within the software version the entity is using

MonitorN/AAdministrators have the ability to view various types of events occurring within the system as well as the status
Remap BudgetsN/AUsers have the ability to define what level of reporting they require for their entity's appropriations and then remap the budgets according to those requirements
RolesN/ARoles are defined to represent the basic functions, responsibilities, or tasks of users in the district. 

Allows for various types of business rules to be written and easily applied to the system.  USxS-R comes with sets of required business rules, and optional rules that the district may enable or disable as they desire.  

Show SessionsN/ALists any active sessions currently in the entity's USAS-R application and gives the option of terminating the session.
UsersSome USASEC settings

Allows you to create new user accounts or modify existing user accounts.