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Core menu contains the central pieces of USAS-R. Almost all transactions/processing requires an account code or vendor.  A crosswalk of the Core menu options and their Classic counterparts is available below.  For a printable version of the crosswalk, click here.

The Core menu includes the following program options (you can click on a link below to take you to that chapter).  

USAS-R Core OptionsUSAS Classic ProgramsDefinition

USASWEB's Account option


Contains fund, cash, appropriation, budget and revenue account information
Bank AccountsNew FeatureContains information for each bank account.  When Disbursements are posted,  indicate which bank account the checks are being created from.
Delivery AddressesNew FeatureContains the deliver-to addresses that were imported from Classic's  reqs and POs.  
OPUs (Operational Units)OPUEDTContains the Operational Units for district/building

Contains options imported from Classic's USACON (screen 1).

Posting PeriodsNew FeatureAbility to open/close monthly periods. Current period is the current working period.
ProjectsUSASCN's ACTSCN PTDAbility to track project-to-date information. Similar to the PTD feature in Classic's Account programs.
VendorsUSASWEB's Vendor OptionAbility to create and maintain vendors on the system