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Home is the Welcome page for the application.  It contains a Report Dashboard listing all of the Template Reports you have access to or just the ones you've chosen as your favorites. 

Core menu contains the central pieces of USAS-R. 

Transaction menu contains the entity's daily functions for transaction processing.

Budgeting menu offers interfaces to handle the various Budgeting processes involved in creating temporary and permanent estimates of expenditures and revenues.

Periodic menu contains interfaces performed during monthly or yearly processing. 

The Report module allows the user to generate a report from either a  listing of canned, predefined reports or create a custom report using the "custom report generator" option.

Extracts allows the user to extract certain data in CSV or Excel format.

System menu  menu contains various programs that control how processing is defined and performed  in the system.

Utilities menu contains various utility type interfaces for assisting other processes. 

USPS Integration allows for integration with the USPS-R application for posting payrolls and their related transactions into USAS-R.