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  1. From the Utilities menu select 'Account filters'
  2. Click on
  3. Enter in the required information:
    1. Filter Name: Enter the name for the filter (this is a required field). 

    2. Enter the Order number in which the information should be entered and processed. When assigning order numbers, it is important to assign the more detailed accounts with lower order numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3 ...) and the less detailed accounts a higher order number.
    3. Click on  to add accounts and check all boxes that apply (hover over the letter C, R, U etc and it will display a tool tip of what each letter means.)  Leaving a checkbox blank indicates that access will not be granted.
      1. C = Create which allows the user to create accounts for that filter
      2. R = Read which allows the user to view the accounts for that filter
      3. U = Update which allows the user to modify accounts for that filter
      4. D = Delete which allows the user to delete accounts for that filter
      5. P = Preencumbrance which allows the user to post requisitions against that filter
      6. E = Encumbrance which allows the user to post purchase orders against that filter.
    4. 'Wildcards' (% symbol) are recommended to be used in the account dimensions when giving access to more than one account.  For example, 
  4. Click on  to create the account filter, click on  to not create the account filter and return to the Account filter gird.