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  1. From the Transaction menu select "Payables"
  2. Choose the Detail or Vendor format
  3. Search for the payable/s to be paid and click in the beside the desired payable/s
    1. the check box in the column header row can be checked to select ALL payables
  4. Click on
  5. Enter in the disbursement date, grouping, sort and bank account
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  6. Click on  to create the disbursement (expending the money), click on to return the paybles grid
  7. It displays a summary result page where the user can now choose to the disbursements if physical checks were created or to return to the payables grid
  8. If the user clicked on they will be taken to the Disbursement interface where they can now print the physical checks. By using this option, the disbursement grid by default will show all printable disbursements.